Engage your senses

Lunch at Lauren's is the ideal spot for homemade comfort food at affordable prices.

A Fresh Start

Relax on our terrace with hot capuchino , expresso or tea combined with a delicious warm pastry - the perfect way to start off your day!

Enjoy breakfast all-day!

Choose from Lauren's offerings of unique dishes and old-favorites to help put the fuel in your tank for the rest of the day.

Build your own Panini

Create yourself a delicious Panini from a host of fresh ingredients!


There’s a new and glorious smell wafting from the far northeast corner of Buckingham Square where you’ll find Lauren’s, a small place with a big heart and great food.

At Lauren's we only use the freshest ingredients and all of our bread is made in house by our chefs!

Vegetarian options available!

Beer, wine and mixed drinks available!


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